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In today’s increasingly globalized world, it is very important to be involved in international trade. From large companies to small businesses, we can all benefit from the exchange of goods abroad.

However, as an addition to this business opportunity, there is a very old and deeply rooted element in the history of the human being, which must be taken into account when entering this sector: customs.

This element has a key role in the protection of national markets, as well as in the control of possible pests/diseases, etc. and since 1992, this element is common to all members of the European Union.
At HIJAS DE JOSÉ OTÍN, S.A. we have worked for more than 100 years in providing advice and operations in Customs that our clients require as a customs agency in Barcelona.

With regard to the protectionist function, which is always the subject of debate in our society, the tariff rates set by the Member States seek to prevent the introduction of external goods, in order to protect the production of the same products that are being imported and thus avoid deviations in the industry of the different national sectors.

As for the control function, carried out in Spain by the different Ministries, the needs of specific products are regulated, so that they do not fail to comply with either the different European or national regulations (whether commercial, consumer, etc.), and possible diseases or pests (plants, animals, etc.) cannot enter the Community territory.

Our customs staff in Barcelona is fully trained to advise on all these issues and always with great diligence and professionalism, either with regard to Customs or the services of the various inspection posts.

In addition, HIJAS DE JOSÉ OTÍN, S.A. has different qualifications, including that of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), which has been approved for many years and as a customs agency in Barcelona, which reinforces our philosophy of constant collaboration with the different administrations involved in these operations.


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